Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello, little blog.  I have really missed you.  I have particularly missed all the minutes of "free time" you represent.  I haven't had much of that lately.  And I'm really sad that you were one thing that suffered (not the only thing, mind you, I have a lot of bills and housework to catch up on, too, but I didn't miss them at all).  I have decided that blogging is not really going to be at the mercy of when I have "free time" anymore, it is something I need to do, something that makes me happy.  So I will be spending a little more time with you than I have in the last year.  I have some ideas up my sleeve to make our time together more interesting and productive.  So just be patient with me while I get caught up on all the things you've missed out on that have been happening in my life, and then we'll have some new things to chat about.  And thanks, dear blog, for not giving up on me completely. 

Lily - 3 months

three months

Likes: looking at faces, being held, kicking, a bouncer (vibration), diaper changes, baths, sucking on her fists, singing, white noise, the wrap (front carrier)
Dislikes: being cold, being hot, a wet or dirty diaper, toys blocking her view, getting dressed, the carseat, swimming/cool water
Milestones: first vacation (first flight, first long drive, first stay away from home), to Maui; grasping a toy (on Christmas)

Lily is our Mellow Miss; she is smiley and happy and fairly adaptable.  She puts up with a lot of noise and commotion from her big sibs (and a lot of abuse, from Max anyway).  She travelled really well on our trip to Hawaii, nursing and sleeping during takeoff, and only crying for about an hour total of about 11 hours of flying.  She napped both ways to and from Vegas, and slept in the resort better than she does at home.  She did not like the heat, crying the most when we visited Lahaina (Lahaina means "cruel sun"), or swimming, crying when her toes touched the water both at the beach and in the pool.  So she mostly napped under an umbrella when we swam. 

Her favorite thing is looking at faces, and she'll get frustrated if we hang toys blocking her view of a face.  She smiles at everyone, including strangers and even Max, who quite frequently rewards her smile with a smack on the head or a pinch on the arm.  And because she is staying awake for longer periods we are having fun "playing" with her more and including her more in family activities. 

Can you tell which of these babies is Lily and which is Katie? 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lily - 2 months

We haven't had an opportunity for a proper photo shoot, so this iPhone video of Lily cooing will have to do.  Turn up your volume to hear her "singing."  

2 months

10 lbs 2 oz
21 1/2 inches

Lily has grown and changed so much over the last month.  She is growing a personality!  She's tracking us from across the room, and smiles and coos all the time.  She "sings" when she coos; she sounds like she is trying to match my "hi."  Lily is a sensitive little soul and is easily overstimulated.  She sleeps soooo much--I think at least 18 hours a day.  I was comparing her with pictures of Katie at the same age and was amazed that Katie was awake in all of them--I feel like it's hard to find time to take pictures of Lily while she's awake.  It always seems like a race to get her fed and changed, or take a bath, etc. before she's overtired and falling asleep in the swing, the bouncer, the wrap (strapped to me), or swaddled in her cradle. 

She does better at night than she was doing a month ago.  She's usually awake and often fussy after about 9:00 pm.  I feel like I'm always raiding my bag of tricks to get her settled--but I'm so glad I have those tricks!  My best strategies come from The Happiest Baby on the Block (swaddling, shushing, swinging, etc.), but some nights nothing but snuggling to my chest will do.  She sleeps in my arms more than I'd like to admit.  (Adam has his own bag of tricks.  She'll take a binkie for him, and they go on midnight excursions to Alvaro's for burritos.)  Lately she's been settling for the night by 11:00 or 12:00, and she'll sometimes sleep through until 6 am.  Those nights are awesome!

The kids love Lily, and are so happy when she smiles at them--which is often, so she must love them, too.  We are just loving getting to know her!