Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Growing Up

I had forgotten all about this until I was going through Easter pictures. On St. Patrick's Day, I was busy with some other things, and feeling lazy since Adam was gone to WPPI for the day, so when I mentioned it was time for lunch, Isaiah just made it. Yeah, my four-year-old made lunch for himself and his sister. And served it on green plates to match the holiday, making a picnic on the kitchen floor since it was a special occasion. And directed the blessing on the food himself. Now, this independence isn't always the case, but holy moley!

I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic as this week I'll register my baby boy for kindergarten. Things will never be the same once he has embarked on the elementary school adventure. He is such a bright and capable boy, and I've always expected so much of him. I almost wish I could go back and coddle him more, like I did for Katie. But I know that is part of what makes him so strong, is the fact that he is who he is, and we've always treated him like an individual who can handle anything we throw at him. So, tonight, I am wishing I could cuddle my little boy, although he's too big for much cuddling anymore, and tell him how proud I am of him.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Well, yesterday and today have made for a great holiday. I haven't gone through all the egg hunt pictures yet, but for now I'll post pictures of the kids in the clothes I made.

This is the best photo I got of both of them. Isaiah was being a stinker and I didn't get any of just him. But here is Katie:

"Mom this is how princesses turn, see?" Katie says as she lifts her skirt to twirl.

My Easter gift this morning:

My Valentine's Day tulips are blooming!

I'll post more pics of the egg hunts/party soon, but for now let me leave you with one thought:


Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today we're having a St. Patrick's Day dinner. I got a beef brisket with a seasoning packet to make corned beef, and we'll be making Colcannon, greens and having Kiss My Blarney Stone cookies.

This morning a leprechaun came and visited our house, leaving a trail of rainbow clues leading to a "pot of gold." Shelli helped us start this tradition last year, and Isaiah began talking about it and pretending to do it since we put up the St. Patrick's Day decorations, so we couldn't not do it again this year.

When I was growing up, there was a couple in our ward that was half-Irish. St. Patrick's Day was a big deal for them, and one year they did a mutual activity for us, explaining the origins of the holiday, and how shamrocks are not four-leaf clovers. I think we'll have a family home evening tonight about the Godhead using a shamrock . . .

Are you wearing green?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Adventures

I told the kids that while Daddy was gone we were going be adventurers, and it didn't take long to turn this week into a series of adventures. Monday we took Katie to the pediatrician because she was showing signs of an ear infection, stopped for lunch at Wendy's (it was a special treat; we ate in), and went miniature golfing at Laser Mania in their glow-in-the-dark maze mini golf. Because I kept them up during naptime, they were exhausted by the time we got in the car:

Tuesday we went to the park of Katie's choice, "the park with the purple slide," aka Ivins City Park in the morning, then when we had all had a nap and were in better moods, we went swimming at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. I felt very brave going swimming with both kids by myself, particularly since Isaiah has had to be saved by lifeguards twice in the past when he managed to get out of my eyeline and make a beeline for deep waters. But it was great because both kids stayed close to me, and while we were there Shelli and Ben and the kids turned up to play with us.

Wednesday we met the ward playgroup at Unity Park, and although it was overcast and cool, we stayed a bit longer than the kids could handle. But after a very looooong nap (yeah! I got a rest and did some housework!), we were all set for another adventure. This time we hiked around at the base of Red Mountain, as it is only about a mile from our house, and I was not feeling adventurous enough to venture farther. As it was, we only stayed about 20 minutes, but it still felt like an adventure, and the kids loved watching for lizards (we saw two) and climbing boulders.

And today we had our last adventure before we go to pick Dad up tomorrow: a picnic with friends. We met Stephanie and her kids and Haley and her kids at Santa Clara Park (well, after a bit of confusion), and had a lovely time in the perfect picnic weather.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Friday morning we had an unplanned family gathering at our house. I love it when that happens. Adam and I have always wanted our home to be a gathering place for friends and family, and while we don't have the largest "gathering place" right now, I love it when it works out to have everyone here.

When we have everyone over, I'm trying to let go and not care so much about everything being perfect, planned, pretty, and, well, perfect. Perfect can have a new meaning: happiness. Happiness is perfection, if only in the fleeting moment that you feel it, right? So, bring on the cousins! And friends! Who cares if there are dishes in the sink and Cheerios on the floor if it leads to a perfect moment of joy in sharing our lives with those we love?

Okay, so I'll still probably care, but it's all in the pursuit of a better attitude . . .

Some pics of the cuties:

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Fresh Start

Today Stephanie came and helped me figure out blogging for real. We're looking much prettier around here now, and we're going to look better as I work on it some more. Very fun!

This morning Isaiah pointed out that "popcorn was popping" on our apricot tree. This spring has been a fresh start for not only our trees, but for me in many ways. A new approach to motherhood, a new outlook on our future, and a new take on improving my skills and talents. I've started piano lessons, I'm working hard at using all the Stampin' Up stuff I've amassed, and I'm trying my best to make the most of every experience I'm faced with. So, in the spirit of spring, hats off to a new beginning, whether it be a blog, or anything else in your life that needs a new start.