Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girls Night

Last Friday was Fathers and Sons and as per our tradition, it meant a girls night for me and Katie. I set the expectations really high with a promise of painting nails, doing hair, and going shopping. So, when it came time for our girls night, Katie was pretty disappointed to find out I meant we were just going to do hair in my bathroom, with plain old normal nail polish, etc. She nearly burst into tears as she asked why we weren't going to a salon. Now, she has never been to a salon, but going to the barber shop frequently with Isaiah she has heard what the female equivalent is like. And with spectacular promises of a fun girls' night still ringing in her ears, she was understandably disappointed with the reality.

So . . .

We went to a salon. Am I a total pushover as a mom? Maybe. But it was a spectacular time; Katie felt like a princess, and I felt like the best mom ever as I watched her smile and giggle expectantly. She told the stylist she wanted it shorter and curly (like it isn't curly already!). So, the stylist trimmed it, then curled it in ringlets with a curling iron. While she was busy with that, I painted pink sparkles on her nails, and she got a swipe of my lip gloss. What more could a two-year-old beauty queen want?!

Here's a shot of the finished product (she really was happier than this, it's just hard to get a two-year-old to stand still for pictures):


The Merritts said...

What a fun time to spend with your little girlie! She looks adorable, and what a memory to have with her!

Janea said...

So cute! We all love to get pampered sometime. :)

Cynthia said...

How fun!!!! What a great mom you are!! She looks gorgeous - and just like you!!

~ Cyn