Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Fabulous Beach Party

We had Isaiah's beach party today. The theme was inspired by the sandcastle cake he saw on the cover of FamilyFun. This is how ours turned out: (Isaiah made the flags himself!)

We played a couple of games and the kids played in the water,

and then we fed them hot dog octopi (or redneck seafood) with shells and cheese and blue jello with swedish fish swimming in it (we had a punch bowl aquarium).

Then the kids broke open the beach ball pinata (sort of), Isaiah opened presents, and we had cake and ice cream. The kids all took home a beach ball, but I think the candy from the pinata was more exciting! Isaiah and his friends had a great time, and it was actually pretty stress-free for me, so everyone is happy!


Kimberly said...

It looks like a great party! Happy birthday!

JR and Kelie said...

turned out so cute, and love the cake! Happy Birthday!

Suzy said...

It looks like the party was a great success! I love the cake. Happy Belated Birthday.

Miss French Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your little man! My how time has flown! Your party looks like it was a great hit. :D

Hammons said...

Treyson had so much fun, thanks! I love all the details you put into the "beach theme", even though it probably went unnoticed to the boys... great job!

Wecare4much said...

Love the cake. What a great party! I cannot believe all the boys are growing up so fast.

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