Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've been feeling quite domestic lately, despite all the craziness with birthdays and vacations, school ending and summer beginning. Maybe it's early nesting. I don't know. But the apricots are finally ripe, and so I learned to can yesterday. I made cooked apricot jam and processed the jars myself! (Thanks to Anne for all the knowledge and tools, and to Mom for the moral support!) Then today I made freezer jam. And there are still tons of apricots! So I'm hoping to puree some to make fruit leather tomorrow . . . we'll see if I'm up to it ;)

Also in my domesticity, my friend Stephanie and I learned to make Hooter Hiders about a month ago, so when my friend Leslie sent me an invite to her baby shower, I knew just what to give her! This is how the one I made for her turned out:

and the matching burp cloths:

This morning as I lay in bed trying not to be awake (it wasn't even 7 and I had no reason to be up early), I was thinking about the stack of too-short, holey jeans in Isaiah's closet and I decided I need to make a denim camp quilt.

But first things first; I've got to get those apricots taken care of!

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