Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monkey Boy

Isaiah has become quite the monkey lately, loving to climb this tree in our front yard. He's been getting more and more brave, climbing higher and higher, making me very nervous. A couple of weeks ago he begged to eat lunch in the tree, and I gave in. Silly Monkey! Luckily, so far he hasn't fallen--yet.

Monday night he did fall from a chair into an end table in the living room, and managed to put his teeth through his lip. (He says he was just sitting down, but when I looked over he was flying through the air, doing a nosedive into the table. I'm guessing he was jumping into the chair and lost his balance.) We spent family home evening at NightLight Pediatrics making sure he didn't need stitches instead of reading a story together. He's no worse for the wear, just has a nice fat lip and a scratch on his eye.

Despite the frequent scares, I love my Monkey Boy, and I love that he is all boy. He's very excited for this little brother that's coming, and is quick to say what a great soccer player he's going to be now that he can feel (and see) his brother kicking. I hope that Isaiah can teach his brother to play soccer, climb trees (carefully), and all the other fun "boy" things he loves.


Stephanie said...

I am sorry you've been sick! I hope you are feeling better. I'm glad monkey boy didn't need stitches. That is the last thing you need right now!

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

BOY ALL OVER!! Jonathan is a climber too but i swear Kayleigh will have stitches first since she seems to do EVERYTHING he does. :) Glad he didnt need stitches. Hope your feeling better