Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ninja Mommies and the Changing Weather, among other things

I overheard Katie as she was playing pretend with her "sisters" (pretend daughters) today:

"Okay, sweetie hons, get your nunchucks and lets go!" Giggle, giggle . . .

What a great nurturing mommy, taking her girls out for some lessons in the uses of ninja weaponry.

I've noticed a change in the weather, and I'm not the only one. I've been anxious for the fall (for more than one reason), and it's finally, slowly, happening. The mornings are cool and it's staying under 100 degrees, for now. Which means it's finally not too hot for the kids to play outside again!! So today we uncovered the sandbox, and . . . . that's right! There was quiet in the Ellis house. At least for an hour or so. Here's what the usual noise-makers were up to:

Yes, Katie was a encouraging the dropping the sand all over her. Crazy kids!

And this weekend marks another baby milestone: only two months left to go! Be sure to vote on the name poll. For now, we are calling this baby Max. Well, ask Adam and he'll say that's his name, and it was my idea so I should be more sure. But I really have no sense of what this baby is like yet, so I'm waiting for the final decision until he's born or I have some sort of epiphany. If you have middle name ideas that make it flow with our last name better, feel free to suggest!


Shane Ellis said...

I like Max. I think the middle name should be Imus.

Stephanie said...

Loving Max also! I am with you on the weather change. I guess this is what fall feels like here. The countdown is on! Let me know if you hear any good news from your doc!