Sunday, October 26, 2008

Look Ma!

My grandpa used to tell this story about a kid who would ride up and down his street on his bicycle. The first time, he'd ride by and say, "Look, Ma! no hands!" The second, "Look, Ma! no feet!" And finally, the third time he'd ride by saying, "Look, Ma! No teeth!" It was just one of those stories that made Grandpa who he was, and it was always funny despite never really being funny.

I thought of Grandpa Anderson yesterday as I watched Isaiah ride up and down the street on his bicycle. Or rather, not his bicycle, but the neighbor from across the street, Jordan's. Jordan is eight, and the ultimate coolest playmate, according to Isaiah. Mostly, I think it's that Jordan is eight and still wants to play with him every day, despite the three-year age gap. Anything that Jordan does is the best. And as I went out to check on him playing out on the street, I witnessed one cool thing that Jordan decided to do: let Isaiah try out his two-wheeler bike. Woo hoo!

He was completely sweet and patient, telling Isaiah, "That's just how I learned to ride without training wheels. Just get back on and try again!" Within five minutes, Adam saw Isaiah disappear down the street and around the corner! (Not to worry, he came right back--he just isn't great at controlling where he's going yet.)

After a bit of trying, Isaiah found that his own bicycle (sans training wheels!) was a lot easier to maneuver being a bit smaller, so he switched back to his own bike. But Adam and I are both so proud of him, and a bit grateful to Jordan for being the inspiration Isaiah needed to make the leap. Of course it may be a while before he is completely comfortable (and he'll be wearing his *ahem* helmet from now on!), but it was an exciting day in our neighborhood!

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Shelli said...

Wow, Isaiah! Now you are a big kid! We are so proud of you! Kaden says, "That's really cool!"