Sunday, December 14, 2008

Max's Blessing

We blessed Max last Sunday, December 7. Daddy gave the blessing, which was beautiful, despite the microphone being muffled for some reason. Here he is with the men that were in the circle, with the exception of the bishop and Grandpa Doug, who came to the luncheon later with Grandma Linda.

Apparently we were photo challenged that day, since I have really no great quality pictures from the day. (Notice the closed eyes on Grandpa Ellis above--I took 5 shots, someone had their eyes closed in every one.) I really wanted a good photo of the kids together in their cute Christmas clothes, but here is the winner of the "Best Picture of Our Children" award for that day:

Max has an adorable matching outfit, too, so I'll try to take pictures again when they are all dressed alike. Speaking of Max's clothes, though, don't you just love the blessing suit? Of course, I don't have a great shot of him in it from the day, but still . . . . It's so special to me because my mom made it for Isaiah from the same fabric she used to make my wedding dress. I'm so glad to have it to use for all our boys (and some other boys in the family!).

It was a special day, and I'm so grateful we are surrounded by family that loves and supports us. Thank you, everyone, for your help and participation!


Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

He is so cute and getting big! Congrats on the blessing :)

Hammons said...

And I am so sad I didn't get to hear it... just didn't think I needed to start getting ready for church until 10:45am, what was I thinking?! I'm retarded.
Thanks for having playgroup today at your house. I'm glad you didn't stress too much, too much that you said!