Thursday, January 22, 2009


For those of you who don't know, our lives revolve first around our family, and second around Instaproofs, Adam's business. We love Instaproofs so much that our children talk about the business as if it were a person, a member of our family. In fact, I think Isaiah may have only just now figured out that it's not (but I don't think Katie's in on the secret yet!). We love the business so much that we are excited about helping it grow, so next month we will have a booth at WPPI.

If it were just the chance to stay in Vegas with my hubby for a few days, it would be exciting enough. But I am just sooo excited to be by his side for this exciting marketing milestone for Instaproofs. I'm so grateful to Shelli, Sybil, and my mom for making it possible for me to be there.

If you're a photographer, or know a pro, come by and see us in February!


Mama D said...

Well, now I understand better why the pictures of your kids are so gorgeous and professional quality. Have fun at the convention.

Rachel said...

The pictures are taken by professionals--not because of Instaproofs, necessarily, however. I need to give credit, I'll fix that. The profile picture was taken by Jonathan Canlas, the pictures of the kids were taken by Kellie Larsen of Elements Photography.

Stephanie said...

Hey! I got your message. What days are good for you to get together? Carter has school tue and thurs mornings but really any other time will work for us!