Friday, February 27, 2009

Max - 4 months

4 months old

17 lb 11 oz
26.75 inches
red hair
blue eyes

Loves: playing with toys on floor gym, grabbing, being entertained by Katie and Isaiah, kicking on the paper on the exam table at the doctor's office
Hates: being tired, messy diapers, Mom or Dad using the bulb syringe
Milestones: grasping toys, being left with a babysitter (Grandma) for a few hours during the day, squealing, rolling to side and changing positions

Max, you are getting more control over your muscles, and you're starting to roll to the side a bit to reach for toys or change positions on your floor gym. You light up when you see any of us, and you're figuring out that sitting on our laps isn't so bad because you can see what's going on (although you'll only tolerate it for so long). This last month you grasped a toy for the first time, and since then you have become extremely grabby--grabbing Katie's hair, Isaiah's clothes, and lots of parts of Mommy (hair, nose, mouth, shirt, etc.) while you nurse. You are very drooly and soak your clothes constantly. More than once we've been asked if you're teething because of this and the fact that you chew on your fingers and fists. In the last week or so you've learned to like the sound of your voice and now you're squealing and yelling as loudly as your brother and sister (darnit!). You're an amazing sleeper, usually only waking once a night to nurse, sometimes not at all, and taking naps easily when swaddled in your crib.

You continue to light up our home with your joyful presence; you're the happiest baby we know! You only cry when tired or hungry or hurt, and even though you've been sick (ear infection), you've smiled through it all. We love you, Bubba!


Suzy said...

Max sounds like he is a great 4 month old!

The Yoder's Three said...

What a big boy! I love that he has red hair and blue eyes. Does that run in the family?

Stephanie said...

What a cute, BIG boy! They are at a fun age, aren't they?

Mama D said...

I love that you are documenting Max's monthly development on your blog. What great memories your family will have of this fun time!