Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick Day Boredom Buster

So, we're all sick. The snotty, hacking-up-a-lung, runny eyes, headache, sore throat kind of sick. Yeah, everyone but Adam. And it really sucks. It actually coincided with SEPs at the elementary school, so Isaiah and the rest of the kindergarteners had Monday and Tuesday off anyway. But everyone home and no outings because we are infectious makes for a crabby, crazy bunch.

As the kids were getting wild and I was going deaf, I remembered a project I'd seen in FamilyFun magazine, an orange juice carton wallet. The day after I'd read the article I was grocery shopping at WalMart and saw those very cartons of orange juice on sale, so we bought some instead of our usual frozen concentrate, and I had rinsed and saved them for the perfect time. Now was the perfect time! Here are my bedraggled sick children (remember, I'm sick too, and yes, they were playing outside, don't judge me, it's not that cold here) with their creations:

They had a lot of fun putting small coins in through the spout when the wallet was folded up, and they carried them around all day.

If you choose to make one (or more), keep in mind that this is more of a big kid activity. Isaiah could help a little with cutting out the pattern, taping, and tracing. Katie just cut up paper scraps while I made hers. It worked out really well to do them with each kid individually instead of both together because I did most of the work. It was fun to talk quietly and have some one-on-one time. And be sure to score the fold lines well, it makes it a lot easier to fold.

Here's my sick baby (who, by the way, doesn't fall asleep anywhere but the crib or carseat normally) conked out on my bed, sending you "don't get sick" wishes!

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Colleen said...

I'm sorry that you guys are all sick. At least it has been warmer hu? My kids have been sick too. I'm hoping tomorrow everyone will wake up feeling all better! Of course, I can't hope this for Pete, but hopefully he won't be any worse.