Sunday, March 22, 2009

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Well, I think Isaiah has got some of his dad in him (besides the computer genius part, obviously). Saturday morning he and Katie decided to earn some money selling art. Yes, you heard that right. Not lemonade, cookies, mud pies, or even old toys. Art. For 5 cents, you could own an original by Isaiah! Here they are chanting "five cents" (in case passersby couldn't read the sign).

Despite their amazing marketing skills, business was slow.

However, the neighbor across the street bought two pictures. And Isaiah gave one away to a friend (because every good businessman knows the power of promotions) before he recruited Katie as a customer.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful venture if only for one reason: today Isaiah paid his tithing for the first time, being that this is the first time he has earned money. We didn't tell him that by paying a quarter, he was paying not 10% but 167% of his earnings. We're just so proud of him for coming up with all of this on his own!


Suzy said...

Too cute that he was selling art! He'll find his niche and then watch him go. Until then, good to keep quite that he gave 167%.

Janea said...

that is so cute!