Friday, April 3, 2009

Max - 5 months

5 months

approx. 19.8 lbs
(according to the bathroom scale)
red hair
blue eyes

Loves: drooling, grabbing anything within reach, chewing or sucking on anything grabbed, watching Isaiah and Katie, being tickled, being kissed and giving "kisses"
Hates: sitting in the carseat for too long, being left on the floor with no one to entertain for too long
Milestones: rolling back to front, eating solid foods (baby cereal, squash, sweet potatoes), staying the night away from Mom (with Dad), first time swimming

You are moving more and more, sometimes moving a foot or two away from the position I leave you in, especially now that you can roll from your back to your tummy. Unlike your older siblings at this age, you actually like your tummy, at least for a few minutes at a time. I love to make you laugh, and if I kiss you or tickle you, I can get a chuckle. However, two days after your 5 month birthday, you burst into spontaneous giggles at the sight of your cousin, Kamry, which I haven't seen you do before or since. You love to give "kisses" (which involve you sliming my cheek with your wide open mouth), and love being kissed. Katie is your main entertainment and torment, but Isaiah loves to try to pick you up and play with you as well.

Just after your 5 month birthday, Mom stayed with family at a resort in town, and you got to swim for the first time. You weren't terribly impressed, mostly because it was pretty chilly outside (the pool was warm, but there was wind), but you attempted splashing. That night you went home with Dad and stayed the night without Mom!

eating your first solid food (rice cereal)

swimming for the first time


Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

WOW.. 5 months! He is sure a cutie pie!! When are you guys moving?

Suzy said...

Rachel, he's just too cute!