Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Millions of cherries

Yesterday we harvested about 30 pounds of cherries off our cherry tree at the old house (no, it hasn't sold yet, but we have our fingers crossed!). Thirty pounds. That's a lot of cherries.

Today we've given away about the equivalent of 3 gallon-sized bags full, and I've pitted about 12 cups worth (another gallon-sized bag full--enough for two pies and a batch of jam). That's probably half the cherries. I'll pit some more tonight and tomorrow for more jam and baking, then freeze some with the pits for snacking or whatever later. But if you live in the St. George area and want some cherries, call me or come by in the next 24 hours and you can have some. I noticed they were $3 a pound at Frei's Fruit Market, so you'd be getting a great deal (and ours look yummier anyway)!


Rebecca said...

Oh your cherries do look so yummy! I would love to have some! And, I do have the day off tomorrow, but I think I would save some money paying the $3 for a bag vs $30-$60 roundtrip for a drive to St George!

Colleen said...

I wish we lived closer, the kids would love a bag of those! How long did it take you to pick all of those? That's crazy that it's already cherry season.

Shelli said...

Wow! Is that the most cherries you've ever gotten off of that tree? My kids want a cherry tree so much. I wish we had been in town to help you eat them!