Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hurry, tell us what you think!

So, we're thinking about returning the guinea pigs. They are somewhat expensive and they are not as hardy as we'd hoped, making it difficult for our small children to enjoy them the way they'd like to (by carrying them around, cradling them like babies, poking them in the eyes, and/or pulling out their fur). I have become somewhat attached, and am not entirely ready to give up on them. However, there is a 15-day return policy, and we will have to return them this weekend if that's what we decide.

I've added a poll on my sidebar, so please take a minute to weigh in on our decision. You will have no say whatsoever in our final decision, but I may take any comments you leave on this post into account before deciding.

P.S. In case you were wondering, our guinea pigs are both girls. Yes, I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I say we have two. No, we are not interested--in the least--in having many guinea pigs. And Martha's name has changed. First she was Peanut. Then Burp, then Hiccup, then Martha, then Julie, and finally Pepper. That is when I stepped in and said, "Enough! She is Pepper and that is final!" So they are Reeses and Pepper. Reeses is timid and still (I think she is so scared she just cowers and hides, mostly, but she'll hold still while you hold her), so the kids like to hold her the most. I have a soft spot for Pepper because she is an adventurer and loves to explore. She is not as afraid to come out when we're around, and she is fast and curious as she scopes out new surroundings. But she also won't tolerate being held as long, and has sharper claws that let you know when she's done being held. They are both so soft and adorable and love fresh hay and cucumbers.


Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

That is a really hard decision but i would return them.. Kids are really hard on pets at this age.. I would wait and maybe try again when they are older.. plus, im sure your the one that has to clean the cages and take care of them right??? Hard decision and wish you the best in deciding!! Its really a hard one.. We got a puppy when Jonathan was 18 months old and had him till her till she was 3 1/2 but had to take her to the pound because she got really really sick and i couldn't afford her Vet bill, so the Pound paid and had her all fixed up and gave her to another family.. that was such a hard decision!! Take care

Suzy said...

I'm a pet person...but little rodent like pets freak me out. I hope your decision one way or another isn't too hard to come to.

Matt said...

So I grew up with every kind of pet imaginable. Cats, dogs, ducks, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds. My mom loves pets. I like baby pets, they are super cute… But they grow up and then they are sorta cute and also sources of messes and chores and eventually loss at the pets' passing. Now while none of those things are necessarily bad, they're not something I have wanted to add to my own life… yet. So I am going to have to go with "No, what are you thinking"