Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Max - 8 months

8 months

approx. 20 lbs
red hair
blue eyes

Loves: rolling around and getting into things, especially paper; playing peekaboo; watching Isaiah being silly; being tickled; eating finger foods
Hates: being left alone in a room; having to lay still to be changed; Mom or Dad walking away during a feeding; having something taken away
Milestones: putting arms up for "so big;" making baby signs for "milk," "more," and "food;" pushing up on knees and scooting on belly several inches, first camping trip

People always comment how smiley and fun you are, and they are right, you are a little light to brighten our days. You have really blossomed into a communicating baby this month. You let us know more now what you want, or at least that you want something, and you definitely let us know when you're not happy! You have your fussy period in the evenings, and whenever you are tired, but being held and sucking on your binky really helps.

Just in the last two days you've begun pushing up on your knees, so I anticipate you crawling very soon. You've also rolled off and under things, and get yourself tangled up in things fairly easily. I have to watch out so you don't choke on things as you've got your pincer grasp down fairly well now. You love to eat bites of our food and drink from straws and cups. And most of all you love to interact with us. This is such a fun stage of your babyhood, I'm hoping it lasts a while!
your first camping trip
Another thing you've learned to do this month: smile every time the camera is pointed at you!


Kel said...

I cannot believe that red hair! I was wondering how I came to have a three year old, and how you have a six year old - weren't we just B5ers? I love the monthly updates.

Kelie said...

he is so darling!! i hope you are doing well, we miss you over here!

Crazy Uncle Mitch said...

Your kids are adorable and I am jealous. My kids are going to turn out hyperactive and ornery due to karma.