Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 1, Thursday: Roasted Pork with Brussels Sprouts and Apricots

Here's today's recipe:
Week 1, Thursday: Roasted Pork with Burssels Sprouts and Apricots

It was interesting trying to find a pork tenderloin. I'm not well-versed in my cuts of meat, but I eventually found the long, skinny tenderloin on the top shelf in the pork section of the meat. And, did you know that smaller brussels sprouts are less bitter? So if you're buying fresh brussels sprouts, pick the smaller ones.

This recipe says that it takes 25 minutes, but it took me a full hour. I don't know if I didn't brown the meat long enough or what, but it took a half an hour in the oven for the tenderloin to reach the proper temperature. As a consequence of that the brussels sprouts "salad" was waiting, getting cold:

But boy, was it worth the wait! The meat was so tender and so juicy, and everyone liked it (well, Katie only wanted a few bites, but she is sick).

I really liked the brussels sprouts, apricots, and almonds. What a great combination! Everyone else thought it was a little too bitter (and I suspect the stomach ache I had later in the evening was the fault of the large helping I had). The tenderloin was so delicious, we may have to try it again.

P.S. As I was cooking, Adam came in with the mail, including my November issue of Real Simple! We'll see what kind of adventures I'm cooking up next month!

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