Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 3, Thursday: Shrimp Pot Pie With Fennel

Ah, finally! A delicious dinner with almost nothing I would change!

Week 3, Thursday: Shrimp Pot Pie With Fennel

Yeah, my first thought was, what the heck is fennel bulb?! I asked the produce man, and I learned something new. In our stores it's called anise and it is a white bulb with hairy fern-like leaves that has a mild licorice taste to it. Which really freaked me out for this dinner: shrimp pot pie with licorice, yum! But I was very pleasantly surprised, you really couldn't taste the fennel (or the leeks, too much, anyway).

This dinner had several components to prepare (chopping and thawing), all very simple, but requiring more time than I had anticipated by looking at the prep time listed on the recipe. One thing I fell in love with: frozen puff pastry. Holy moley, I will totally use it again, it was so quick, easy, and divinely flaky. (Plus, I bought a package of two, so I have another one in my freezer right now!)

Here is the whole pot pie:

And here is the plate:

To sum it up:
Disclaimer: I once again substituted chicken broth for white wine. Despite the fact that Isaiah made gagging sounds and fell to the ground as if he were dying when he took his requisite two bites, this is a recipe I could totally get behind. The sauce was so creamy, the vegetables were mild, the crust was so flaky . . . the only thing I would do is reduce the amount of shrimp a bit or substitute chicken if the shrimp wasn't on sale or on hand.


LeAnn said...

Hmm, Jeremy doesn't like shrimp but I bet Tyler would eat this.... I know I would. I eat pretty much everything. lol

Colleen said...

Hmmm, and maybe I'll make this monday!