Friday, November 20, 2009

(Stuff I've Forgotten to Blog About - Day 5) Ode to Crescent Rolls

One of the things I discovered a couple of years ago was crescent rolls. Once again, I may be late to the party, but do you know how great they are?! There are so many things you can do with them. We actually usually buy the WalMart brand reduced fat rolls, so they aren't quite as expensive or unhealthy. (As much as I love them, I do recognize that they aren't the most healthful of foods, so I try not to use them too often. But they are dang convenient.)

Although I do often make them as directed on the package, as plain old crescent rolls, more often I use them in a recipe. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Cheese Rolls
Thanks to an old friend, Marina Johnson, this is our favorite way to have crescent rolls: I slice cheddar or Colby jack thinly, and roll up inside the crescent rolls, pinching to seal in the cheese as it melts. Cook as directed on the package. When we're having pasta and I've forgotten the garlic bread, I'll sometimes do a variation on this using mozzarella and sprinkling with garlic or Italian seasoning and Parmesan on top.

Pigs in a Blanket
1 pkg (8) hot dogs
1 pkg (8) crescent rolls
cheddar cheese

I make bite sized pigs by cutting the hot dogs and crescent rolls in half. I layer a small slice of cheddar and then a hot dog on top of a roll, and then roll up large end to point, like a regular crescent. I pinch the dough to keep in the cheese, but the dogs stick out on the ends. Bake at 375 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

Pizza Pinwheels
Another great appetizer or lunch, I found this recipe at Allrecipes, and used it at a party. The key to this is using a good pizza sauce. (I can't help you there, though, I make mine and it's a "dash of this, dash of that" type recipe. This time it needed a bit more dashes, 'cause it turned out a touch bland.)

Chicken Puffs
Everyone I know loves these--except our family. Well, as usual, I liked them, Adam was okay with them, but the kids vetoed them. So, one to try? As long as your kids aren't as picky as mine.

Breakfast Pizza
This recipe wins the award for most creative use of crescent rolls. This was soooo yummy. I've been trying to come up with an excuse to try it again. Maybe during the holidays.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the recipes!

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Yummy! Thanks for sharing your recipes!