Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Being the veritable elf I am, I was all holly and mistletoe this evening as we put up our Christmas tree. Okay, I whined and complained a lot. There's a story behind that. I may blog about it. Or I may choose not to expose that ugly side of my personality, we'll see.

But here is one Christmas decoration that really made me happy, and I made it myself:

I have to thank Haley for telling me about this craft. Knowing how talented she is, hers will turn out gorgeous, I can't wait to see it! She pointed me in the direction of Nanny Goat. Here is where they link you to Eddie Ross, where the idea came from, and here is their finished product.


Shelli said...

So cute, Rachel! And I saw it in real life and loved it even more than the picture! You did a great job!

Molly said...

So cute! I might need to make one!

Colleen said...

That is way cute! I've been getting more into decorating this year too. It's been fun! I don't really have a cute front door to hang a wreath on though.