Monday, May 24, 2010

Dough Girl

Just over a week ago, our friends, Pete and Colleen, came to visit for the weekend.  Colleen is a triathlete, and was racing in the St. George Tri (which, it turns out, she did pregnant!!  Congratulations, both on the awesome time on the race, and the fabulous news!).  It's always fun to see them, but it seemed especially fun this weekend for some reason.  Maybe it was the cookies.  They brought cookie dough from My Dough Girl, and oh my, it's good I don't live near Salt Lake, or I would hang out there, chowing on cookies all the time.  We had Margot, only she had white chocolate mint filling . . . mmmmm, so good.  I know some of you who read my blog are closer than I am, so if you have a chance stop in and try it you should, I hear they give samples so you can try out the different "girls." 

Speaking of dough girls, I am getting quite round these days, and it's not all cookie dough (or ice cream sandwiches--that's a new craving this time around).  Tomorrow I hit 20 weeks officially (the ticker to the right is off by a little bit, but I'll forgive it since it thinks I'm farther along than I really am), which means I'm halfway through this pregnancy.  If you are paying attention and know all about these things, that means I should know the baby's sex, right?  Well, I will find out next Tuesday when I have my ultrasound, so I'll be 21 weeks, but really it only pushes the milestone and makes the pregnancy go a bit faster, so it's a good thing.  I didn't find out with Max until 23 weeks, so I'm not being picky. 

Anyway, here is the first actual belly picture of this pregnancy, so you can see me with a tummy.  It does happen (and it happened faster this time, for sure)! 

Side note: I realize this picture is blurry; it is difficult to take a self portrait, even with a tripod.  I couldn't get the camera to focus, and I didn't trust myself to focus manually, so I kept shooting and running back and forth.  Titus sat there, watching me, perplexed.  It took 16 shots to get myself in the shot, not cut off, without blinking.  It gives me a whole new level of respect for my friend, Cynthia, who is taking a self portrait every day this year, and every one is gorgeous. 

It's hard to blog after not blogging for so long (it's been almost a month!).  I generally tend to skip a blogger's apologies for not posting often enough, etc, because I know that most people have a life and there is no deadline to follow, no one making you do it, so when things get out of control it's an easy and nonessential thing to drop.  So I'll spare you the apology and just say: this pregnancy sucks.  And I do have stuff to blog, so I'll be around, but if it's quiet around here, it might be because I have nothing positive to blog about or I just plain don't feel like it.  Now I'm going to go get myself another ice cream sandwich (those yummy cookies only lasted a matter of hours).


Crafty P said...

look at your beautiful little preggo belly! Love it! And welcome back!

Stephanie said...

You look so cute. Those cookies are to die for!

Cutie Cakes by MinDee said...

my belly looks like that on a normal depressing. you look cute! congrats! you should be feeling better now, right? i can't believe it's aleady 20 wks! i'm sure you can though.

Suzy said...

You are so beautiful!! Love the belly.

Don't apologize about being absent from blogging. You have a life, family, and you are growing a little one. You are busy, it happens to everyone and blogging isn't a top priority when everything else is going on.

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

Congrast on the pregnancy! Ya!

The Yoder's Four said...

You're still not feeling better?? UGH! I'm so sorry! I wish I lived closer so I could come bring you dinner or something.

That's cool about Colleen--exercising (much less doing triathlons) just DID NOT happen when I was pregnant.

I'll tune in next Tuesday to see what you're having! I'm excited!

Echolaylee said...

I can't wait to hear from you on Tuesday! I also wish I lived closer so that I could help out more. It's terrible that you are still not feeling well. Your belly shot is cute but I'm with MinDee, that could just be a picture of me when I'm not sucking in! lol