Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday Wishes

At the risk of encouraging my son's greediness, I am following his request and publishing his birthday wish list on my blog.  You see, when he was little and couldn't write, Isaiah drew the most beautiful birthday list, and I thought it was so cute I put it up here.  Yeah, he has a really good memory.  He insisted we needed to do that again.  So, here it is:
1.  Erector Set
2.  a book-making kit (I don't know if these exist, he just wants to make his own books)
3.  a magic set
4.  Bakugan
5.  a new tape player (his bit the dust already, he got it for Christmas!)
6.  baseball glove, bat, and balls
7.  playing cards (he likes to play War)
8.  an iDog
9.  Meet the Sight Words DVDs (they are actually young for him, in my opinion, but Katie is the appropriate age for them)
10.  anything


Kel said...

There are lots of ways for him to make his own book. One way is He would probably love it.

Rachel said...

Thank you Kelly! We'll have to try that. He is quite an artist and author (a book at least every week . . . )