Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rock Star Party

So I'm about three weeks past the event, but Isaiah did turn 7! He requested a "Kidz Bop party" which I translated to mean a rock star party. We sent out backstage passes as invites (sorry no pics . . . they were not my favorite invitations ever anyway, but it was a cute idea in theory). Isaiah and Katie prepared by puff painting some shirts and spray painting their hair wild colors. Then we decorated to the hilt. Isaiah is lucky to have some really awesome uncles. They pulled some strings and we had a mirror ball and all kinds of lights, a fog machine, and an amp with a microphone. I hung silver stars on the walls and a metallic fringe curtain over the archway. We put on Kidz Bop and the kids danced while all the VIPs arrived. (Keep in mind that I am no pro photographer, so pictures in the dark require a flash.  The room was dark at the time, with lights flashing just like a disco, so these pictures really don't do it justice . . .)

Then the kids decorated cardboard guitars with markers and stickers:

And they rocked out some more with their guitars:

Then Isaiah opened some presents:

We had some cake:

Then we threw out some glow bracelets as the kids rocked out some more.  The rock stars were kind enough to pose for a shot together:

Then we handed out party bags as their drivers came to wisk them away to their next gig:

All in all, a successful party as everyone seemed to have fun, and it was relatively low-stress for the stage managers (aka Mom and Dad).  Most of all, our resident rock star got the party he wanted and had a great time. 


Shelli said...

Looks so cute, Rachel! I;m glad it turned out well. I love the picture of all of the kids together. Your cake is adorable and I don't know what you are talking about with they invitations- they were AWESOME!

LeAnn said...

What a great party idea!!!

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. What a fun idea!

Janea said...

What a cute idea! Love it!

Cameron and Nonie said...

Super cute! You are such a fun mom, and way creative. Thanks for giving me some much needed inspiration.