Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Okay, this is beginning to be a bit of a tradition!  Katie's birthday is coming up next month and she hasn't forgotten that Isaiah's birthday list was published here, so she reminded me that we needed to do it for her this time.  Here's her list:

In case you don't read 4-year-old, here's the translation:

Trix (yes, the cereal, which we currently have 2 boxes of already)
Barbie clothes
New clothes (specifically a dress)
Swimsuit (she has 4 already, but does that matter?)
Dora CD
Bakugan (Isaiah's got this one covered)
Dress-up dress
Doll house (she has 2 doll houses, but she's hoping for a more grown-up Barbie house)

So, we're in full-fledged party planning mode for the next few weeks as we plan Katie's Pinkalicious party.  Wish us luck!


Stephanie said...

My goodness, you are ambitious! Good luck with your plans. You always do the cutesy birthdays!

Stephanie said...

Oops, cutest! Sorry. Not so good at typing on the iPad...