Saturday, September 11, 2010

Braces Day

Yesterday was what the kids have been calling "braces day."  It was time for Isaiah to get braces to make room for those crazy giant teeth he has coming in.  We've had lots of discussions with the orthodontist and assistants and at home about what would happen and what to expect, and despite his nervousness, Isaiah woke up excited and ready to go!  He got to miss school since it was a short day and the appointment took up half the morning, right in the middle of the school day.  We went to the orthodontist's office and Isaiah learned all about how to brush his teeth and care for his braces, and we both signed a lot of paperwork.  Isaiah was so attentive and asked all kinds of intelligent questions so he would know exactly how things worked and what was expected of him.  Here he is, ready to go in and have an x-ray: 

Then they got to work!  He had to wear this funny thing to keep his teeth dry while they cemented the brackets on:

He got to choose the color rubber bands he wanted: blue glow-in-the dark and gold.  He was so patient while they got everything glued on, the wire threaded, and the rubber bands in place.  Here he is, our braces boy! 

We went to McDonald's for lunch afterward to celebrate.  Everyone has asked if they hurt, but so far he's always said, "Nope, not at all!"  (He has had a very little pain, but all in all it's been relatively easy.  Way better than going to the dentist!)  I just can't believe how grown up he looks and seems with braces in his mouth.  Where has my little guy gone?!  I'm so proud of how well he's done and the great attitude he's had, especially giving up hard and chewy candies with Halloween right around the corner. 

Way to go, Handsome!


Woodstock Family said...

Wow, braces already? Toren (7 years old) hasn't even lost his first tooth yet! I'm hoping we don't have to go the braces route!

The Yoder's Four said...

I remember the day I got braces. They hurt like crazy!! Brings back a lot of memories seeing those pictures. Glad that Isaiah's handling it well!

Molly said...

Glad it's going well so far!

Rachel said...

Krista, Isaiah's lost something like 8-9 teeth, and lots of them had to be pulled because the permanent ones coming in are ENORMOUS and were coming in behind them. Toren will probably be fine, at least for a while. Isaiah just has a mature mouth, I guess.

SkySkars+ said...

Getting mine tommorow!!

SkySkars+ said...

Getting mine tommorow!!