Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Flashback: Airplane Ride

July 1, 2010

Adam is a really cool dad.  And a really cool uncle.  I could come up with lots of examples, but here is a great one: as a birthday gift to Isaiah and Kaden, Adam talked to an old coworker, who happens to be a pilot, about taking them on an airplane ride.  Isaiah got a little airsick, and I don't think Kaden ever saw his house, but they had a great time flying around for the morning! 

Here they are getting ready to take off: (I stole these pictures off Shelli's blog--hope that's okay, Shelli!)

Adam didn't even tell me that he got to fly the plane--I had to read about it on Shelli's blog.  But looking at the controls, I'm glad it wasn't me! 

Here are some birds' eye shots from the plane--so cool! 


LeAnn said...

That's pretty darn cool!!!

Saint Anne said...

I never heard about this... Way fun!!