Monday, November 29, 2010


Funny story: Isaiah insisted this week that he needed to start giving "basketball lessons" and that he was working on a poster or flier to hand out to kids in the neighborhood.  He had it all worked out: how much he would charge, when the classes would be, etc.  We tried to gently explain that it was fine if he wanted to play at that with his friends, but not to take any money from anyone because only adults can give lessons for money.  He was very upset that we insisted he couldn't really give lessons, and it finally came out that he was working on this poster (flier?) at school and that it was supposed to be nonfiction and if he didn't really do it his poster wouldn't be true, so it would be fiction.  We had to smother our laughter because he was so serious and worried about it.  I don't know if we convinced him or not that he had done his assignment correctly, even if he didn't really give lessons, but I thought it was funny that he was so concerned about it! 

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Echolaylee said...

That's really cute. I have a kid like that! And I can totally imagine Isaiah's face when he's explaining it to you.

I hope to one day been seen to my children as as smart as their teachers are. :)