Sunday, January 23, 2011

Exercise #3: Valuing Moms

This week's exercise is special to me because, you see, I have an amazing mother.  I don't give her enough credit, especially considering I have four rug rats of my own that make me crazy, so I'm learning what she went through raising me.  I am far too critical of her and the things she does, and I don't tell her often enough how grateful I am that I have her as my mother. 

Exercise #3: Valuing Moms

Write down five things your mom has done to help you become who you are today.  Share the list with her if possible. 

This is my mom, Linda.  I love how beautiful and happy she looks in this snapshot.

Mom, I hope you doesn't mind me sharing my list here, even though it is more personal than I would normally share on the blog.  I know you will see it here, and it is something I want to have documented.  Also, I am really proud to have you as my mom and now the world can know why!  These are five things that you have done that have made me who I am today. 
  1. Leaving my dad.  Next to conceiving me, this is probably the single biggest factor you controlled in making me who I am today.  It was a very brave thing to do at a very difficult time in your life, but it shaped everything about me and my environment, and I am forever grateful. 
  2. Maintaining a relationship with my step-family.  You gave me a family, relationships beyond what you could provide alone, even when it came at great personal sacrifice. 
  3. You taught me to appreciate the finer things in life.  We didn't have much money, but I always had nice, new clothes at the beginning of the school year, we went on some amazing vacations, and you exposed me to all kinds of cultural opportunities.  You taught me excellent manners (I can't say I've always displayed them...), how to use what I had to it's best advantage, and when to buy the more expensive item that would last longer and be a better value in the long run.  You have taught me the value of beauty and quality.
  4. Believing in me.  I can never once remember you discouraging me from being or doing anything I have aspired to.  From the time I was little I felt like the whole world was open to me, there was nothing out of my reach if I was willing to work for it.  And yet, when I chose not to follow some great career or go on adventures as a young adult, but to marry young and stay at home that was okay because you also taught me the worth of a mother.  You still build me up frequently when I am down by telling me what a good job I am doing (when I clearly feel I am doing anything but a good job), making me more confident as I take on the next challenge. 
  5. You gave me a solid foundation in the gospel.  It is a sacred legacy I am honored to attempt to pass on to my children. 
I am blessed to have such a woman to guide me into adulthood, and still love me even when, at nearly 30, I act like a rebellious teenager.  I love you, Mom! 

Coming next week...Exercise #4: Discovering Unexpected Blessings


Molly said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom! It makes me sad to think that not everyone gets a mom that tries her hardest.

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

How great! Made me tear up! :-) I will be sure to let my Mom know how great she is, because I too could be better at that.