Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lily - 4 months

four months

12 pounds 6 ounces
24 1/4 inches

Likes: watching big siblings, standing, being held facing out, kicking, bath time, chewing/sucking on hands, being outside, "spider" toy, reaching for and grabbing at things (especially Mom's hair), snuggling after nursing at night, Mom and Dad, peekaboo, singing
Dislikes: being cradled or facing in against someone, anyone other than immediate family members touching or holding, the car seat, swing and bouncer when awake, too much noise
Milestones: chuckling (not outright giggles yet), rolling front to back (only once), moving to own room

Ah, my Lily Girl.  You make me tired.  But, we are all getting a lot more sleep now that you have moved into your own room (and we shuffled the whole rest of the house to make that happen).  You are sleeping 5 hour stretches most nights, sometimes a bit longer even.  I love when you wake up in the morning because you always give me such big gummy grins and kick and wave like my face is the best thing in the world.  I am your favorite thing these days, no one else really gets to hold you much because if anyone gets close you are a basket case.  Except for Dad. You love him, too.  And you are the happiest in my arms with Max, Katie, or Isaiah talking or singing to you.  Max loves to do piggies and patty cake with you, and Katie will sing you whole ballads and play peekaboo with you.  Max is learning to be more careful with you, but he still can't resist sinking his teeth into your plump little feet every now and again.  And he's determined to share his food, blankets, and toys with you, no matter how dangerous. 

I am finding more opportunities to put you down on the floor these days, and that's a good thing since you've started really liking to be down and free, kicking and batting at toys, or just watching the commotion around you.  In fact, the floor is where you like to be best when you aren't in my arms.  You'll tolerate the bouncer for a while, but I think the swing is getting to be a thing of the past.  You are loving the bath more and more but getting out is still terrible.  You still usually hate the car seat, and usually only tolerate it when the car is moving (although occasionally you'll sleep for an hour or less in it after we stop).  You love to hold my finger while you nurse, and squeeze it so tightly.  I love snuggling you to nurse because you really aren't much of a snuggler anymore.  You are getting so grown up, and it is very bittersweet for me.  I love to see you learn new things, and you are becoming more beautiful and fun every day, but I hate to say goodbye to the precious newborn stage.  I love you, Miss Lil, and I hope you'll let me cuddle you for a while still. 

P.S. We got some good pictures yesterday which was a bit of a miracle because after your immunizations when you weren't feeling like this
 you were feeling like this
Unfortunately, today has been worse.  Hopefully you'll get over the yuckies soon...


Suzy said...

She's adorable! I love her little tongue sticking out. And those bubbles! I miss baby bubbles.

Stephanie said...

She is beautiful. What cute pictures!

The Yoder's Four said...

What a beautiful precious baby!! Isn't it funny how set their likes and dislikes are at so young an age?

Echolaylee said...

She's so precious! We all love her.