Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maui Top

Most everyone who knows us knows we went to Maui in December, and I've had lots of requests to get pictures posted. But, just so you know why a whole month has gone by before I've actually got it done, I had over 2000 pictures to sift through (between ours, Anne's, and my mom's--I haven't even looked at Doug's yet!), and we had Christmas, my birthday, and New Year's since. Between all of that it's taken quite a while to get it together to post, but here it is finally!

I have narrowed down the pictures considerably, but there are still tons. So, if you want to skip the last couple of posts, here are my very favorite pictures from the trip. I really wanted to keep it to my "Top Ten," but could only get down to 11. I just couldn't cut any of these pictures. Here they are in the order they occurred. 
Linda, Douglas, and Lily at the Las Vegas airport

Porter and John at the Salt Lake airport
if you look closely, you can see the rain DUMPED on us that first day!

hang loose!

Porter and Jeremiah
Max, Rachel, Adam (with Lily), Linda, Douglas, and John on the glass-bottom boat

Max and Katie at the Maui Ocean Center

Miss Lily the beach babe

Anne, Porter and Katie at the pool

Isaiah and his best friend from the trip, Aiden

Anne, hanging loose with the turtles

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The Yoder's Four said...

Gah! I'm jealous!! Everything looks sooo beautiful. Glad you got to go.

PS. That is cool about Santana! Makes me grateful I'm not famous with people mobbing me all the time...