Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lily - 6 months

six months

14 lbs
26 inches

Likes: Katie, looking at, holding, and tasting new things, being outside, the trampoline, music, splashing in warm water
Dislikes: sleeping, napping, being tired, being held too long, being left to play alone too long, the carseat, being bored
Milestones: playing peekaboo, sitting unassisted for a few seconds, first food (potatoes)

Happy half birthday, Lulu!  It is so fun to watch you become more and more interested in the world around you.  You are most happy rolling around  (back and forth to turn yourself around) on the floor while watching the big kids play around you.  You like spending time outside, and it's making me excited for the summer.  We took you swimming in Vegas this month, and you loved splashing in the warm water.  You are still so little to me, so I'm having fun getting use out of Katie's old wardrobe.  You always look so cute!  It's also easier to carry you around than it would be if you were heavier, so you still get the view from Mom's arms or the sling a lot of the time.

You are still a poor sleeper, and it makes me (and Dad) very tired.  It takes you a long time to fall asleep, and usually I have to nurse you.  And then you wake up quickly; your naps are short and you usually wake three times at night.  Your doctor thinks we should leave you to cry yourself to sleep in your crib, but it just breaks my heart so I haven't done it.  I just keep hoping we can find a solution that will at least help.  Grandma Bubbles lent us a white noise machine that seems to help you stay asleep a bit better, especially at night. 

You have a lot in store in a short while!  I am excited to see you try some more foods and learn to sit alone.  I love you Silly Lily!

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The Yoder's Four said...

What a cutie pie!! Hope she starts sleeping better soon!!!! I could never let my kids cry it out either. It's hard to function during the day when you're up with the baby half the night, though!