Sunday, May 22, 2011

Exercise #16: Acknowledging Limitations

If you're feeling overburdened, prayerfully choose one activity this week to say no to.  Then skip that activity without feeling guilty, without feeling like you have to explain, without worrying about what others will think.  See--was that so hard?
I like what Anne chose to skip this week: grocery shopping!  (I wish I could stop grocery shopping all together.)  She is really good at keeping her food storage stocked, and can really subsist on it for a while, so she chose to put off making an "unnecessary" trip to the store and instead do her visiting teaching.  She found both sisters she visited home, and even was able to wish one a happy birthday instead of stressing over buying, finding space for, and consuming more food. 

I skipped some sewing that I felt really responsible for...until I passed it off to someone else, and then wondered why I had felt so responsible for it!  It really was a big relief to not have to do it all myself, and while I can't say I did anything more productive or worthwhile with my time, it definitely lessened the amount of stress I was feeling. 

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The Yoder's Four said...

We played hooky from ballet practice last week. It was SO NICE! I normally feel so obligated about doing every little thing. I wish I could skip grocery shopping, too.