Monday, May 30, 2011

San Diego - Seal Beach

I wanted to spend way more time at the beach than we did when we were in San Diego, but that was mostly because we were there for Legoland almost exclusively.  And it was cold. But Adam humored me despite the weather, and we went to La Jolla to Children's Beach to see the seals.  Here are my favorite pictures from the excursion.

Max couldn't wait to get back to what he called "my sandbox."  He had been missing it since we went to Maui in December! 

Tasting the sand.  This is seconds before she totally face-plants into it and gets more than she bargained for. 

Adam building a castle while working on buying one.  Okay, he was really just on a real estate call, but you know...

For all their fighting, these two really are such good friends.  They were collecting shells as they washed up on the beach.
Gathering around the most exciting find of the day...a crab claw! 

Sigh...I need to get back to the beach...

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Shelli said...

I think I saw that same seal when I was there! (hee hee). I LOVe the seals and the ocean and the sandbox!