Saturday, June 11, 2011

Karate Tournament

Isaiah had his first ever karate tournament at the Utah Summer Games in Cedar City.  Adam took him up the morning of the tournament, then I came later with the other kids so we could watch. Grandma Linda and Grandpa Doug came up to watch, as well.  He had to wait a while before his events were called, but he did really well both with his form and sparring. 

Waiting.  And waiting some more. 
This video shows Isaiah doing his form and receiving a score. 

Isaiah and Kirk decked out for sparring
Isaiah won his first round of sparring:

Then, in the second round he fought against the best kid in his age division, and got the wind knocked out of him.  He was pretty upset, but his instructor got him psyched up to go back in, and Isaiah did score a point against him.  He was pretty thoroughly beaten mentally, though, and felt pretty upset afterward.  He didn't even want to go back in to watch the rest to see who won.  We were really proud of him for doing as well as he did, especially not giving up after getting kicked in the chest.  And we're hoping that the competition will help him as he continues to work and grow. 

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