Monday, July 25, 2011

Advantages to having a waterproof camera

1.  Taking the camera to the pool (for, say, a family birthday party) without the fear of it being ruined. 

2.  Underwater pictures (obviously)

3.  Handing your camera to a child to take pictures when you're too busy having fun to stop to take any more pictures (Katie, 5, took these shots...I think.  It's getting hard to tell for sure because she's getting so good). 

4.  Instant teething toy! 
Lily chewing on the camera in question.

One thing a waterproof camera won't do for you?  Despite its advantages, it won't take the pictures for you, even if you have the best of there are still plenty of missed photo ops.  Oh, well. (At least I have these!)

Note: all of these pictures were taken at our end of July family birthday party at City Pool.  All except for the picture of Lily chewing on the camera at Sand Hollow Reservoir, which I stole off Shelli's blog and slapped in here to prove my point.

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