Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

Traditions are largely born when you do something, and then do the same thing again, and then there is an expectation of doing it again. We are lucky that our July 4th traditions have lived on because they are fun, and it just doesn't feel the same without them. We always have a barbeque and watch the fireworks at the Sunbowl with the extended family, including Grandma Linda. And the kids have to have red, white, and blue clothing, and usually there are more fireworks at Grandma Bubbles. 

Here are the kids this year with their grandmas at the Sunbowl:

We like to go early to the Sunbowl to find a spot and boogy to the music.  Here are the kids dancing their booties off:




Lily (with Grandma Linda)
And I got plenty of shots of the kids playing with fireworks at Grandma Bubbles' house, but they weren't great because it was so dark.  This was my favorite shot from those, Lily tasting watermelon at something like midnight. 

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