Saturday, September 24, 2011


forget-me-not, click here to read the German legend about this tiny, beautiful flower
I love President Uchtdorf.  Don't you just love President Uchtdorf?  He has this ability to speak eloquently to that deepest hidden need at the bottom of our hearts.  His talk to the sisters tonight was inspired, and I was most grateful to sit next to some of the women I love the very most and share it with them (tissues, anyone?). 

"The Lord loves are not forgotten."  Indeed.  He sent this message just for me (and you) by way of His holy apostle. 


Stephanie said...

LOVED it. Still teary.

Sugarholic Mama said...

haha! You and I must be on the same page because I just wrote a post on his talk.....exact same post title, exact same picture of the flower!