Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reflections of preschool . . .

Today was Isaiah's preschool program. He alternated between performing (to the hilt) and doing absolutely nothing. He would "sing" along with the other kids, drowning everyone out with his shouting, then fall silent and concentrate on the carpet, then repeat. And as the applause would start after each song, he would dramatically throw out his right arm and take a bow.

He was enamored with the "summer kit" the teachers gave him, calling out as the other children received their diplomas and kits, "It has a marker! And scissors! Thank you! Thank you!"

Of course, Katie had to get in on the action. When the slideshow started, she stood on the "stage" swinging her arms and wiggling her rear end to Jackson Five in front of all the kids, parents, and grandparents. It didn't take long for Isaiah to join her, making identical motions and in the same rhythm.

I wonder what drama classes and dance lessons are going to cost me as these kids get older.

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