Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Adventures

I told the kids that while Daddy was gone we were going be adventurers, and it didn't take long to turn this week into a series of adventures. Monday we took Katie to the pediatrician because she was showing signs of an ear infection, stopped for lunch at Wendy's (it was a special treat; we ate in), and went miniature golfing at Laser Mania in their glow-in-the-dark maze mini golf. Because I kept them up during naptime, they were exhausted by the time we got in the car:

Tuesday we went to the park of Katie's choice, "the park with the purple slide," aka Ivins City Park in the morning, then when we had all had a nap and were in better moods, we went swimming at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. I felt very brave going swimming with both kids by myself, particularly since Isaiah has had to be saved by lifeguards twice in the past when he managed to get out of my eyeline and make a beeline for deep waters. But it was great because both kids stayed close to me, and while we were there Shelli and Ben and the kids turned up to play with us.

Wednesday we met the ward playgroup at Unity Park, and although it was overcast and cool, we stayed a bit longer than the kids could handle. But after a very looooong nap (yeah! I got a rest and did some housework!), we were all set for another adventure. This time we hiked around at the base of Red Mountain, as it is only about a mile from our house, and I was not feeling adventurous enough to venture farther. As it was, we only stayed about 20 minutes, but it still felt like an adventure, and the kids loved watching for lizards (we saw two) and climbing boulders.

And today we had our last adventure before we go to pick Dad up tomorrow: a picnic with friends. We met Stephanie and her kids and Haley and her kids at Santa Clara Park (well, after a bit of confusion), and had a lovely time in the perfect picnic weather.


Suzy said...

What fun you have!!! I love the blog thus far. :)

Miss French Jessica said...

Welcome to blogging! Horray for fun adventures! I'm sure it helped the week fly by with daddy gone. :D

Cynthia said...

Look at that! You've just about made it through a week of adventures!! And you were worried!!! Red Mountain is beautiful!! We've been to similar places on vacations and Red Mountain is in your backyard!!! You are so lucky!! How gorgeous!!

~ Cyn <3

Hammons said...

Rachel... you made it! Fun pictures too. That was a fun day and picnic at the park!