Sunday, March 9, 2008


Friday morning we had an unplanned family gathering at our house. I love it when that happens. Adam and I have always wanted our home to be a gathering place for friends and family, and while we don't have the largest "gathering place" right now, I love it when it works out to have everyone here.

When we have everyone over, I'm trying to let go and not care so much about everything being perfect, planned, pretty, and, well, perfect. Perfect can have a new meaning: happiness. Happiness is perfection, if only in the fleeting moment that you feel it, right? So, bring on the cousins! And friends! Who cares if there are dishes in the sink and Cheerios on the floor if it leads to a perfect moment of joy in sharing our lives with those we love?

Okay, so I'll still probably care, but it's all in the pursuit of a better attitude . . .

Some pics of the cuties:

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