Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We spent the Fourth having lots of fun (and being very hot!). We went for lunch at Vernon Worthen Park, and the kids played a bit in the bounce houses and rode rides.

Then we had a barbeque at Grandma Bubbles (Adam's mom, Sybil) with all the cousins and Grandma Linda (my mom). That was a lot more fun because water play and air conditioning were involved. :) And we all went together to the Sunbowl to watch the fireworks. They were really great this year. The kids love dancing with their cousins to the bands, and glowsticks are always a fun treat.

Isaiah and Kaden dancing--this is the best picture I could get of Isaiah as he never held still! I think he enjoyed the fireworksthis year more than he ever has.

Katie said she liked the fireworks, but she definitely didn't like how loud they were.

Cousins: Shelli's kids, Echo's kids, and our kids.


The Lewis Family said...

Holy Cow, I knew your babes had to be gorgeous because you and your hubby were such a cute couple. I totally don't mind being added to your roll, in fact I will be adding you to mine... Blogger has a new thing where if you input your friends blogs on an actual "blog roll" it tells you when they last updated. Let me know if you want more info on how to set that up.

Again, fun to put a face to a name, and your family is beautiful.
~Clerissa ( aka Lewis from MM :) )

Janine said...

Has anyone told you latey how cute your kids are Rachel? I so enjoy reading all your adventures and seeing summer in full spring (Its brr the middle of witner here at the moment!)

- Janine