Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beautiful Hair!

Now that swim lessons are over, and we're coming back into normal activities in the next few weeks with the end of summer, it is more worth doing Katie's hair! This blog has inspired me--check it out if you need fun ideas for doing your girls' hair! She frequently does giveaways for hair accessories.

Today Katie asked for "upside down hair." Here it is:

Directions: Part hair in a zigzag part from forehead to nape of neck. Clip off one section. Part one side across the crown starting at the ear. Clip off top section. Gather bottom section into a ponytail, pointing up. Add this to top section and gather into a high ponytail. Bunch into a messy bun and secure with a rubber band or bobby pins. Repeat with second section, matching the middle part.

Happy hairdoing!


Suzy said...

Very cool hair! Now, I just need to talk Punky into letting me touch her hair. :)

Rachel said...

Suzy, it's a battle for us, too. The funky dos make it a bit more fun for her (she loves showing it off), but I still only do her hair up every other day or less, and that's with special distractions thrown in (like watching a show while I do it).

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

I would love to do taht with Kayleighs hair but she doesnt sit still long enough. Im lucky to get her hair brushed and in pigtails or half up so its not in her face. Alot of time she looks like an orphan cuz her hair is EVERYWHERE :) Be glad your havin another boy because 2 girls to get ready for church can be a nightmare sometimes. CUTE ideas though so we will have to give it a shot