Saturday, August 9, 2008


We made these at playgroup a couple of weeks ago (right? or has it only been a week?). I have been amazed at how fast the grass grows. These lovely hairdos were styled only a day and a half after Katie and Isaiah gave them very short haircuts. They are a really fun project and really easy to do. I found directions for them at MormonChic (at the botton of the page in the right sidebar), but all you have to do is type "homemade chia pet" into a search engine and a bunch of sites will pop up with directions. If you check out the MormonChic link there are a million other fun project ideas posted on that page--fun ideas to keep bored children busy!

Side note: Maybe you have noticed that my pictures are not the quality they usually are. For instance, if I had just moved these little grassheads to the kitchen table the lighting would have been better, but getting out the camera was effort enough. I've been lazy, forgive me. Sometimes it's better to have documented a moment or a memory badly than not at all.


Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

Those are cute! We might just have to try to make those.. Hey do you know if there is anything in particular that Kelie or Summer need for their babys?

Our Badges of Honor said...

I would do this...but this looks just like our family's hair when we wake up in the morning! ;-)) Cute idea!