Monday, August 11, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

(left 6 muffin cups) wheat club crackers, peanutbutter, raisins, baby carrots and cucumber sticks, deli turkey and colby jack slices, and ranch (mirrored on the right side)

I got the idea to try giving the kids lunch in a muffin tin from She's a Crafty Pumpkin who got the idea from Sycamore Stirrings. They had to share a big muffin tin since I only have one 6-cup muffin tin and split the cups so they wouldn't fight, but next time I might give them each their own 12-cup tin if I can scrounge up enough fun finger foods. Today I just used foods they like and added a couple of things that they've seen before but have been afraid to try. Next time I will be a bit more adventurous and try to put in even more healthy stuff.
Thekids thought this was a great idea! Their first reaction was to just dig in:

and after that, I sat in here posting this, listening to squeals of "I'm gonna try a cucumber!" "Dip that in the peanutbutter!" "Eww! Not in the ranch!" And I even caught an "I love you, Katie" and "I love you, too" as they sat shoulder to shoulder tasting their lunch.

Definitely doing this again. :D


The Lewis Family said...

That is an awesome idea, I will so try it! We had to do toothpick food forever ( just put everything on a toothpick ) to get Jasmin to be more interested in eating. I will try this tomorrow.
Hope the pregnancy is going well. :)
Thanks ~ C

Mama D said...

Great idea! This might work with my youngest picky eater... but it's hard to fit a corn dog in a muffin tin cup! I think listening to the kids as they ate was the neatest part of the whole lunch!

Our Badges of Honor said...

I get some of the greatest ideas from your blog. Keep up with the great ideas, and I'll use them here, and then everyone will think I'm so clever. Not to worry, I'll credit everything fun I do to you!