Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a fun Halloween, thanks to preparing ahead. We started out the day by going to see Isaiah in his parade at the elementary school. He was the first one of the whole parade, and was so fun to watch as he "flew" all around the school.

After school, Isaiah, Katie, and I went to a Halloween party with our friends. It was so fun to have "mummy dogs" and all kinds of Halloween treats. We went home for naps, then woke up to carve our pumpkin. One of our pumpkins went rotten, so each kid got to carve one side of the same pumpkin.

After carving pumpkins, we got all dressed for the evening's festivities. Here we are as characters from Peter Pan (Adam: Captain Hook, Rachel: Wendy, Katie: Tinkerbell, Isaiah: Peter Pan, Max: the Crocodile):

Not the best picture for smiles, but we were in a hurry to get to the trunk-or-treat. At the trunk-or-treat we had chili dogs for dinner, the kids played games and won prizes, Adam won the prize for the best adult costume, and of course, the kids trunk-or-treated. We took off and went trick-or-treating at Grandma Bubbles' house and in her neighborhood with cousins (such a fun time, for details, check out Shelli's blog, she and Adam went with them while I stayed at Grandma's and nursed the baby), then stopped at Grandma Linda's before heading home to crash in bed.

What a fun (and exhausting) day!


Shane Ellis said...

Wow, where did Adam get that coat? It looks pretty fancy!

Schaefer family said...

Congratulations Rachel! Max is adorable, and you look fantastic as usual. I hope you are all doing well!

Mama D said...

Looks like you had a totally fun day, even if it was non-stop action! Fantastic costumes. :)