Monday, December 8, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

Okay, so I haven't done this again until now . . . but to be fair, I was hugely pregnant and then had a new baby. I finally got my act together since the kids have asked for it at least weekly since our first Muffin Tin Monday. Here's what we had this time:

From the top row, right to left: apple slices, vanilla yogurt, celery sticks, baby carrots, cottage cheese, dried cherries, graham crackers, ranch, oatmeal squares cereal, craisins, peanutbutter, and broccoli. I gave each child their own muffin tin this time, although I'm not sure it was a good idea as there was a lot left over. Too many choices? However, it sure is nice to have a meal where they are more than happy to try new things, especially new combinations. (They both at least tasted something from every cup!)


Mama D said...

What a smart, creative mom you are! How awesome that they at least tried everything!

Do you have any of the 6 cup muffin tins? That would give the kids fewer choices. Or you could give each of them a side of one 12 cup muffin tin, so they have just 6 cups each.

Glad you are getting back to your previous energy levels!

Crafty P said...

I am certainly going to get back to doing this too-- over Christmas break. I haven't participated since the summetime.

how does a muffin tin monday filled with cookies sound? kidding.

Schaefer family said...

I've seen this before but have never done it... great idea! I'm glad you are feeling like you're coming out of the fog that sets over new mommies. :) You're doing great!