Monday, April 20, 2009


This is Isaiah's first soccer game of his first soccer season. Of course, he volunteered to be goalie right off.

Here comes the ball!

There went the ball!

Look at the perfect form of that kick! Do we have a pro soccer player in the making?!

Sarcasm aside, we are so proud of Isaiah as he tackles his first soccer season. He has great sportsmanship and loves playing with his team. His coach is amazing and really encouraging of the kids. And I'm really grateful they don't keep score in his league . . .


Hammons said...

It's has been FUN! It's going to be a crazy week for you (there is 3 soccer games!) so feel free to send Isaiah over one of these days... maybe we can plan on Wednesday afternoon??
By the way, great baby list! LOVE that Hooder Hider, such a great friend to make that for you, ha ha.

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

How fun!! Jonathan is going to be playing T Ball in June. We missed registration for soccer. Hopefully he will like it. Looks like Isaiah is enjoying it! Take care

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