Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few more fun hairstyles

The instructions for this one can be found at Jess's blog here.

This one is a fun 'do for swimming (but you'll need stronger rubber bands than what I had, they broke, and the 'do came undone).

I parted the hair into four horizontal sections, all from ear to ear. The front row I divided into 5 sections, alternating rubber band colors. Then I divided the next row into four sections. I divided the front sections in half and added them into the second row's sections as I went. Again, I alternated rubber band colors.

I clipped up the third row and divided the bottom row into three sections. I divided the third row into two sections, and then came the tricky part. I divided the second row's sections in half, crossing over the middle two, and divided the center bottom section in half, adding all the sections into the third row's two pigtails.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it really was. But it did take a little while. The hope is to keep it in for more than one day, which you can do with the right rubber bands.


Peninsula said...

I love the geometric design! It looks great on Katie.


west's said...

Rachel - I was going to comment on your comment you left me forever ago - & I'm such a slacker! I looked at it & thought I'll come right back. I LOVE Katie's hair in these pictures! They turned out so cute! Don't you love having a girl so you can do fun things? We need to have Katie over some time to play with Adde. Jess