Monday, May 4, 2009

Max - 6 months

6 months

19 lbs 8 oz
28.5 inches
red hair
blue eyes

Loves: grabbing and pulling (especially hair), tasting, drinks of water, peek-a-boo (especially with Katie and Isaiah), being thrown in the air by Dad, the aquarium crib toy
Hates: being fed slowly, being left in a messy diaper, not having someone's attention (anyone in the room), being left too long in the exersaucer
Milestones: playing peek-a-boo, drinking from sippy cup, sitting alone, first two teeth, moving to a new house

You are growing up by leaps and bounds! It seems like you always have a new milestone. You started playing peek-a-boo using your elephant while I was changing you one day, and it is a new favorite game with the whole family. You are starting to like solid foods, and you're noticing when we eat and seem to want to join in. You love drinking water from a cup, but make a huge mess no matter the cup. The week we were moving, you were extremely fussy and didn't sleep. Two days before moving day, Daddy discovered a tooth poking through your gums and then we understood why! Less than a week later, the second tooth appeared.

You are so big and strong that you started sitting easily and balance for long periods of time. When you're tired or want to reach a toy, you deftly roll onto your tummy. It's amazing! And it makes you so much happier and independent. You like to play in the exersaucer for short periods, especially when someone is watching you and reacting to your motions. You are so social, and love to study new people and smile at them. They love to play with you, too, until you get close enough to grab their face, neck, hair, or clothing, and then they are happy to smile at you from a distance.

Sitting up on your half birthday


Janea said...

He is getting so big! where does the time go? :(

Mama D said...

Wow, has it really been 6 months?! What a fun little guy!

When did you actually move, and how are you all adjusting?

Suzy said...

He's adorable!